Soul Stroll Vol.2

What’s the ONE thing you can do to improve your body and FEEL better about yourself, fast?



People ask me this question all the time and my number one, hands-down answer is the Soul Stroll!

The Soul Stroll combines a music playlist with mantras, meditation and movement to provide you with the absolute best way to get out of that tailspin of gloomy, doubtful thoughts and into feeling confident, energized and at peace about your body and your life, NOW.

There is a secret that trainers and fitness professionals don’t know: the most powerful, gorgeous and satisfying results don’t come from how you EXERCISE. They come from how you THINK.

Thinking confident and bold thoughts WHILE you move is the fastest way to create change in your body and life.

Take the Soul Stroll with you on a walk, a run, a bike ride or while you are lifting weights. Better yet, tune in on your commute to work, while you run errands, while you are doing the dishes or just when you need a moment to chill.

The tempo, the mantras and my voice are going to make all kinds of movement an absolute pleasure.

Be prepared to leave old beliefs, negative thoughts and pounds behind you for good.

Let’s get you into the groove

The Soul Stroll is easy to download and take on the go. It makes moving SIMPLE.

If you are just dipping your toe into this workout/movement thing or are getting back into it after a long time away, I am going to show you how to get into a groove that meets you exactly where you are today. You will discover a love for movement you never knew was possible.

If you are an experienced mover, then I am going to help you take it to the NEXT level. You and I will dial it up a notch so that your workouts are even more fun filled and effective.


The Soul Stroll Volume 2: I Trust My Intuition is a complete package that helps you step out of your own way. It will quiet the OVER thinking, so you can begin to hear the whispers of your heart.

It will help bring about that CLARITY you are longing for.

When we listen to our intuition, we give ourselves permission to trust that deeper part of ourselves that always knows the answer.


35 minute playlist of energizing music combined with inspiring mantras that I custom-crafted for this package.

A 15 minute thigh-sculpting workout video with mantras that will help you shift into gratitude, acceptance and love of your life, exactly as it is today. (Perfect for ALL fitness levels.)

A guided meditation to help you forgive and let go of your past and create space for something more wonderful in your life.

Printable mantra cards and wall reminders to keep with you in your pocket, wallet or gym bag so you have inspiration with you at all times.

Sweat therapy session guidebook where I give you my personal support on the best way to use all the elements. This program has ten sessions, each with a light and easy ‘prompt’ to strengthen your intuition and shift your thinking into self-love and acceptance.


  • Mental clarity
  • Leaner body
  • Happy dance demeanor
  • Glowing skin
  • Deeper deep breaths
  • Inner confidence
  • Sexier walk
  • Stronger legs
  • Killer core
  • Stellar focus
  • Emotionally grounded
  • Physical ease
  • More restful sleep
  • Quieter mind
  • A desire to bound out of bed and take on the day


Soul Stroll Return Policy:

Soul Stroll is a program that contains downloadable content that you can experience again and again for a variety of different uses. We hope you will consider this a small investment in your body and your health that we are confident, if used, will produce beautiful soul-filled rewards.

  • Cori

    I’m learning to accept that it’s ok to have lots of stops and starts on my journey to create the best possible me. A huge part of that new acceptance comes from you!

    Soul Stroll and Shrink Session have been a-mazing and bring me such energy and joy when I use them.

    My absolute favorites are the Soul Strolls!  Of course they are great to get my exercise on, but I have also been listening even when I couldn’t … driving in the car, walking on errands, or even just taking a moment to sit and chill.  The tempo, the mantras, Erin’s beautiful voice all making listening to it any time a gift.

    I use the mantra cards in the morning, to circle through like flash cards.  There is always one that catches my eye for that day!  And the guidebook has been a great way for me to re-start with a bit more structure as I build a new routine for myself this fall.

    Your programs are so wonderful and just what I’m needing right now!

  • Cheryl

    Last month I used the Soul Stroll to run my first 5k since having kids!  Hooray!  

    I knew the length of the soul stroll would almost get me to the finish line and it really helped to keep me focused!

    I now like to call Saturday my “Soul Stroll day.” I put both kids in the double stroller and crank the volume. My four and two year old fight over who got to ‘hold the music’. It’s pretty cute to listen to my four year old repeating the mantras during our stroll/walk/jogs.

  • Miriam

    The best experience I have with the soul stroll playlist is when I dance at home, I really feel connected to my soul.

    The mantras keep me positive towards my work and fitness goals. My friends and family are seeing the effect of positivity the Soul Stroll has on me, and they are saying that my positive vibes are so contagious.

    I play the Soul Stroll in the car when I drive to and from work, at home while cooking and cleaning or whatever activities I do while at home, I walk/jog to the park I play it, too.  It’s a great help.

  • Mary Carol

    I ended up booking a huge client after a quadruple Soul Stroll session in one day!  Big results! 

    A few days later, I was mentally soul strolling repeating the mantras when I was physically standing right in front of them. I called it all in and actually made an even larger profit only moments later from my service to them!

  • Amie

    I’m using the Soul Stroll during my early morning walk and run. What am amazing and powerful way to start my day.

    I’m at a crossroads in my 18 year marriage right now, and the “I choose to be here” mantra is really powerful. I have been choosing to stay at this crossroad instead of making a change.

    I really feel like this soul stroll was made for me. I can’t thank you enough.

  • Julie

    Nothing was helping to find find the energy to hit the books for my CPA exam, so I turned on the soul stroll mp3. I have to tell you… the next half hour was exactly what I needed.

    I strolled twice last week and I LOVE IT.

    I used it one time just dancing around my living room / working out a little. And then yesterday after a stressful day of work it helped convince myself to get on the exercise bike.  THANK YOU.

  • Heather

    With the Soul Stroll, I not only get up and away from my desk on workdays, but am able to feel true joy and gratitude every day instead of focusing on negatives.



  • Loida

    These tools are a game changer for those willing to do the work. 

    I immediately aligned with the statement about attracting the best people to me, and this is already beginning to integrate into my conscious thinking (a big deal since I’m at a new job, in a new city, and ready to attract/ invite a male partner into my life).

    I’m tearing up with Gratitude because honestly, the mantras have been so integral to my Breakthrough!  With these tools I know I can keep inviting and allowing amazing things into my life and experience: Joy, Vitality, and Abundance that I finally believe I deserve.

    I use it on walks and have found the mix of music and directives increases my energy, improves my posture, and of course gets me reworking those thought patterns to more positive and abundant self-statements.

    A thousand times over– thank you!  I love Soul Stroll!

  • Christine

    Not only was I able to get a great workout in, afterwards I felt energized and motivated for the rest of the day, week, month… well, forever!

    This soul stroll was truly magical. Erin , you’ve outdone yourself.  Best walk ever.  Great workout with a few tears!  These Strolls will be with me forever and I will continue to magnify success and personal growth in my life.

  • Liz

    For someone who’s had both a hip and a knee totally replaced and has o/a throughout my body, going on a 4.4km Soul Stroll is pretty amazing.  


  • Kathy

    I have been using the Stroll throughout my day to keep me up and moving instead of sitting in my office chair.

    Now I use my improved treadmill by making it into a Strolling desk.

    At night the stretch is awesome: it takes out all the kinks and cracks and shuts off the noise and brings me back to center so I can sleep through the entire night, especially when I am traveling with work.

    I also use it to clean house in a high-gear to get it done before stroll finishes and of course outside too. 🙂

    The Guide is a fantastic way to get in the mindset of being loving to yourself first and setting-up for success. The reminder cards are perfect to have on my desk. I’m absolutely loving the new Soul Stroll mini-series!

  • Stephanie

    I’m training for a 5K and am using my soul stroll during my training. I always run better listening to it.

    The other day I was on a plane during a business trip and was feeling pretty overwhelmed so I listened to it then too, even though I couldn’t move 🙂

    Thank you for the Soul Stroll.  Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Rebecca

    Soul Stroll is such a nice intro to you AND a gentle start to someone new to working out. 

    I am telling all of my friends about the it, especially the ones who are nervous about trying Shrink Session or have health problems. 

    I have done the Soul Stroll countless times since purchasing. I love it even more than the first one you offered for free this summer.

    I also love the new meditation and stretch and relax video. I do the stretch and relax video after my shrink sessions because it helps me cool down and stretch out my muscles after a hard session. It also hits home on the affirmations I’ve been working on. The price is also great for what you get in return.


  • Janelle @sol_ology

    Your Soul Strolls, meditation, and stretch session have been giving me the boost and tool to keep me positive and on track during a period of big transition in my life.  

    While I am doing my best to be creative and open but I will admit: some days are really rough. Soul Stroll was worth every penny!

    Even though I am a teacher, I still need a support and mentoring, too!  Just like therapists need therapists.  So thank you for mentoring me to be strong for myself and others!

    This past weekend I recorded myself from my phone: I made a mini video with some stretches and mantras for my brother, dealing with colon cancer, so he could use it to calm down before his treatment– he said it really helped him!

  • Denese

    Your mantras are perfect for me right now and help me take my life one day at a time.

    I have a lot of goodness going on around me, but I am making things heavier and harder than they need to be. part of it is that I’m going deep with some new areas of my life.

    I am really trying to get serious about creating the life that feels best for me… because this year I turn 49. one more year till the big 5-0 !!!  I want the second half of my life to begin with ease and clarity.

    I am a yoga teacher, an IIN certified health coach. I’ve run marathons, I’ve had a major 6-figure corporate career, I’ve traveled all over. I’ve done big things in my life, but now I’m struggling with what to do next and how to do it.

    Thank you for doing what you do. I’ll keep Soul-Strolling my way through the day.

  • Katia

    With the Soul Stroll and your new mantras that fit perfectly with my situation, I WILL NOT sabotage myself and my happiness!

    Great things are happening in my life right now and I always have a tendency to think it’s too good to be true, something will go wrong etc, because I think that I don’t deserve it!

    I used the Soul Stroll today to go for a walk and I LOVE it!!! I am worth it and I deserve it!!!

  • Angie

    The videos and mantras have been beneficial in ALL parts of my life. I’m productive at work, my husband and I are the best we’ve been in years, and  I am positive that I can do a good job with my big volunteer position.  

    The mantras and positive results have really seeped in!  I was surprised how much the “stretch” video worked my muscles.  More than you think. I will incorporate this video in with the other Shrink Sessions.  The new video is great for those days you just don’t feel like working out. I just tell myself I’m going to “stretch.”

    Thanks so much!  I am very excited about the Sweat Therapy soul stroll and video.You are doing great things for people!

  • Joyce

    Listening to the Soul Stroll this morning I told my legs they were Light and Easy ~ and voila!  I was able to go faster without my muscles tightening up!

    Usually when I walk and try to increase my pace, my leg muscles tighten which makes it harder to walk faster.  What a difference that made.