About Erin

About Erin

i’m erin stutland

and my passion is helping YOU create
life-changing movement in your body and

I believe that MOVEMENT in your BODY creates MOVEMENT in your LIFE.

Moving should be fun and feel really, really, REALLY good. It can enliven you, awake your senses and connect you to the most powerful parts of yourself.

After all, quite simply put, our bodies were designed to MOVE.

When we are not moving on a regular basis, we begin to feel emotional stuck and stagnant.

These are the times in our life that we begin to doubt ourselves, turn to food for comfort and sabatoge any forward progress we are making.

(When we ARE moving regularly, whether it be walking, running, dancing, yoga or anything else that we truly enjoy, we are more connected to that beautiful flow of life that is available to all of us.)About4

I also believe that exercise and fitness are ready for a massive and revolutionary makeover.

It’s 110% possible to lose weight, tone your body, feel more energy and flexibility, and have more confidence.

The fastest way to achieve these delicious results is to start moving your body from a place of love and joy rather than punishment or frustration about what’s “wrong.”

As a former professional dancer turned actor, I spent many years struggling with the idea that “I wasn’t (fill in the blank) enough.” (Thin, talented, smart, tall, pretty, etc.). You name it. I thought it.


I only exercised as a way to punish myself for eating too much the day before.

I hoped that burning off the excess calories would help me feel less guilty somehow. I relentlessly questioned the actions I took in my life and career because I never trusted myself enough to know what was truly good for me.

I was pretty darn moody, which is no big surprise.

By not allowing myself to listen to my heart’s calling or let my actions come from a place of faith instead of fear, how could I expect to consistently feel good?

After years of diving deep into my spirituality, yoga, dance studies, psychology, meditation and more, I discovered the secret that changed everything for me. Are you ready?


Satisfaction doesn’t live OUT there. It does not exist in the SOMEDAY. It can only happen RIGHT NOW.

And while I know this isn’t a radical idea — the best spiritual teachers describe it in books, lectures, and even blog posts — it’s really darn hard to get these ideas into your body!

That’s where I come in. I help you take this PRESENCE / IN THE MOMENT principal and make it practical so that you live it on a day-to-day basis.

Let me show you that exercise does not have to be boring and or hard.

Let me prove to you that you don’t have to be the “athletic/coordinated” one to do it.

I have developed a method of moving that will completely CHANGE how you feel about movement, your body and YOUR LIFE!

All of my products and programs take the mindfulness of practices like yoga and apply it to a high powered, fun mix of cardio dance, kick boxing, toning, and HIIT workouts.

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We always use mantras as a way to focus our minds and strengthen what is most important, our confidence in ourselves.

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You have come to the place where heart pumping fitness meets coaching and true inner transformation.

You will not only blast through calories, tone and tighten areas that are longing for your attention, but more importantly you will blast through all negative thinking and self doubt.

And we will have FUN!

Expect to complete every workout, audio track or video with an “I can and I WILL do anything” attitude. I can’t wait to MOVE with you.

To learn more about my programs, join me over in the shop. Goodies await!






Erin’s career began as a dancer after graduating with a BFA from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. She toured with several renowned professional companies before moving into acting. Erin guest starred on TV shows including The Sopranos, Sex and The City, Chappelle’s Show, As the World Turns and Mad Men. She starred off Broadway in The Donkey Show and the Karaoke Show (directed by Tony award winner, Diane Paulus) as well as several independent films.  Erin wrote, performed and produced a sold out one woman show, The Last Good Girl, where she learned that taking initiative and taking risks are essential if you are to succeed.

As a fitness professional and certified AFAA instructor, Erin has recently partnered with Crunch Gyms to bring Shrink Session to gyms across the country in 2013. She is the face and featured trainer in the #1 fitness app, PUMP ONE. She has created video workouts for SHAPE.COM and has appeared as a lifestyle and fitness expert for the HEALTHGURU.com website. Formerly, she was one of four intenSati Premier Leaders and studied closely with it’s creator, Patricia Moreno.

She has appeared on Gaim’s Dance Core Cross Train video, The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, CW11 and BellaLife.com. Erin’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower people in a fun, entertaining, tell it like it is way.